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How To Become A CAACG Client

Thank you for your interest in becoming a client of Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group! 

Our consulting group, directed by Dr Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, will be more than happy to arrange a three (3) hour (broken into 2 appointments to arrange for document review and additional discussion) consultation with you which will consist of conversation, review and research of your current business structure, strategy, press, publicity efforts, current media relations, advertising strategy and future plans for business development and expansion.  You will also have an opportunity to discuss your role as a business CEO, perceived business leader, and worthy entrepreneur.  A total of 3 hours will be devoted to your initial in-office appointment and our study and research methodology of your business. Phone, email or conference call appointments are also available.


IF YOUR CONSULTING/SERVICE NEEDS CONSIST OF TAX RELATED CONTROVERSIES THAT MAY RESULT IN TAX REPRESENTATION ASSISTANCE SERVICES, TAX PREPARATION SERVICES, RELEASE OF LEVY/LIEN SERVICES, or any problem related to federal and/or state tax matters; in/out of state of California; appointments may be obtained as same day service. 


To commence services with our firm, a minimum 3-hour consulting appointment fees are $1,200.00.  Once your consulting payment has been paid and received, you will be contacted within 24 hours for an in-office appointment in Beverly Hills with Dr. Coppertino or in any manner described above, and member associate (s). You may mail your payment to our communications only address, addressed to Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, at 3701 Inglewood Avenue, #123, Redondo Beach, California 90278. Once your payment is made payable to Dr Coppertino received, you will be contacted and an appointment scheduled. No fees will be collected at the time of your appointment, therefore it is imperative that your payment has been received prior to an appointment with Dr. Coppertino. If you would like immediate assistance, you may e-mail stating your appointment request and an invoice to charge your initial consultation fee. We accept personal and business checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. If using a credit card, a notarized affidavit will be prepared for your signature prior to an appointment stating that the charge is not subject to dispute or a reversal of the charged amount. DR COPPERTINO ALSO OFFERS A NO COST "FIRESIDE DINNER CHAT" FOR ONE HOUR TO MEET AND GREET AND GET AN IDEA OF YOUR BUSINESS CONCERNS. ALL DINNER CHATS MUST BE HELD IN BEVERLY HILLS, TORRANCE OR RANCHO PALOS VERDES. 


                                                   Click Here To Schedule An Appointment

We also offer telephone, online and consultation by mail services if requested.  Our general business retainer fee to become a business client of Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group is $10,000.00, which is a retainer fee only to retain our consulting services as business and management advisers for a period of one year.  Once your retainer fee has been received in our office, our continued consulting and advisory services are billed at $25,000.00 per year and above, depending on the scope of consultative practice with our client and business needs. (Based on business consulting requirements) We accept personal and business checks, cash, and credit cards as stated in above paragraph. Auto pink slips, property deeds and other forms of payment are accepted on a case by case basis.


For additional consulting and retainer payment  instructions, and additional client information, please email us at or follow these steps:

1. Call the office for an appointment. If you reach our voicemail, an assistant will call you with 3 business hours to schedule the appointment and also take your credit card information if applicable, to confirm the appointment. There are no refunds for no-shows. We will make courtesy secondary appointment to cover your payment.


2. At the time for your appointment and have all necessary copies of your documentation for review. We prefer that one family member discuss the information and remain in control of statements made at the time of  your appointment.


3. At the time of your appointment; If a decision is made to accept your case matter; you will be asked to read, agree and approve by signature our retainer for services. A copy will be signed by our principal and arrangements made for a follow up appointment after a full review of your documents. This usually takes place within 5 business days. Case services can take one day, 1-2 weeks to over a year for settlement purposes so we ask for patience, truth and clarity from our clients to assure case success!


4. A receipt will be provided you for any payment(s) and a client office number be given you for case references and case identification when you call or visit our office. 


Again, THANK YOU for considering Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group for your business, press, publicity, media relations consulting and business advisory management services. Dr. Coppertino has a super friendly personality that includes all clients as family. We welcome you aboard!


Dr. Coppertino is also available for speaking engagements starting at the rate of $1.00-$20,000.00 per engagement; not including travel, lodging, and assistant fees. Her topics range from MY BUSINESS TOOK ME THROUGH HELL AND BACK...I AM IN BUSINESS, NOW HOW DO I GET OUT....MY WIFE HAS TAKEN OVER MY BUSINESS, WHAT SHOULD I DO...IS A BUSINESS WORTH IT...WAS I BORN FOR THIS BUSINESS....WHAT IS THE PERSONALITY OF A WINNING BUSINESS....I AM BROKE BUT NEED TO START A BUSINESS...FEMALE JEALOUSY IN BUSINESS AND HOW TO RISE IN SPITE OF.... AND MORE!!!    

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